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At our medical center,we approach each patient's problems in his or her totality.  A typical patient may come in with one or a myriad of complaints and we work diligently to get to the source of the problem by using our tried and true methodology.  


First a thorough historical analysis and physical examination are performed, then a computerized body analysis is done.  Most patients we see need help with their diet and metabolism and the computerized body analysis tells us where to begin.  

Next we look at the patient's blood under the highest powered optical microscope is the best, most economical and quickest way to assess the patient's overall condition and may lead us to order other tests as a means of confirming our working diagnosis.  All the information is then digested and a plan of action is decided and a scheduled implementation of our proposed solution is commenced.


The majority of patients we see have bowel dysostosis; that is, their digestion is poor due to deficient and inadequate diet.  We also see in most patients chronic infections of fungus (Candida) and other parasites and bacteria.  In our experience, if you have chronic infections, heavy metal toxicity and /or significant hormonal imbalances then these must be addressed if any other therapy is to be truly successful.  All patients we see may need to be detoxified from years of living with a poor diet as well as from environmentally acquired toxins.  It is our feeling that toxins impair the functioning of the entire body and are a major reason for tiredness and a the overall feeling of ill health. Therefore, we start our patients on a robust homeopathic detoxification process.


If you were told that by following a few lifestyle changes you could live 20 more years and greatly improve the overall quality of your health, would you be interested?


There is existing information regarding nutrition, supplements, detoxification, bio-identical hormone balancing, exercise and other easy changes in lifestyle that can alter your life.  This information can be found in the world literature in varied disciplines including Western, Oriental and Ayurvedic Medicine.


The most recent research in cellular biology tells us that we have two types of antenna-like receptors on the surface of all our cells.  The first type of receptor is designed to detect biochemical substances such as nutrients or hormones.  The second type of receptor is designed specifically to receive electromagnetic signals from the surrounding environment. This latter type of receptor is up to 100 times more sensitive.  This research, along with Dr. O. Becker's work proving that healing is a function of electromagnetic information coming not from the nerves but from the outer covering of the nerve sheath, has ushered in a new type of medicine called Energy Medicine.  Therefore, we are talking about cellular communication via energy that conventional medicine does not recognize.


Conventional medicine does not understand this type of communication and, generally, does not use it for treatment: but,it does use energy determinations for diagnosis such as EKG, MRI, C-T Scan, etc. It seems odd to me that we can make the diagnosis of disease utilizing malfunctions of

energy int the body, but then not use energy to treat the patient.


Other doctors have also recognized this problem in the past.  For example, a famous Nobel Laureate in physics, Dr Werner Heisenberg said, “The opinion that living processes can be explained only by methods of physics and chemistry and that there are no biological forces is incongruent with quantum theory.” These ideas suggest not only that living systems can recognize electromagnetic fields, but that they also play an essential role in the body's survival. There is now a growing list of world-renowned scientists including German Biophysicist: Fritz Popp, Ph. D., Stanford Professor: William Tiller, Ph. D, UCLA Professor: Valerie Hunt, Ph. D And O. Becker, M.D. who have done groundbreaking research and written books on the nature of the human biofield and how it reacts to energy and information in it’s environment.  It appears that every function in the body depends on the correct energy.


All disease initially begins as a functional disturbance in energy balance that only becomes a clinically recognizable disease over time. This is one reason why so many patients have symptoms that cannot be diagnosed using conventional methods.  The primacy of energy over the material has been known since ancient times. Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Albert Szent-Gyogi, noted 40 years ago that, “in every culture and medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”  Actually today, modern research is proving the validity of such fields as acupuncture, homeopathy, homo-toxicology and other energy-base traditions.


Therefore, it is our mission to utilize all forms and medical traditions to optimize the care and treatment of our patients. There are three basic ways of treating patients.  The first, and most prevalent in our society, is suppression of symptoms.  This method offers some relief from symptoms, generally, but has side effects and the patient continues medication indefinitely such as in the treatment of high blood pressure.


The second is replacement therapy.  For example, giving insulin to a diabetic who is insulin deficient.  It can also be supplementation with appropriate vitamins, minerals or hormones. Twenty-five percent of all depression is due to a deficiency in vitamins B-12 and folic acid. Many diseases are due to deficiencies. The elderly are classically deficient in magnesium and are almost always dehydrated because they have a reduced thirst reflex.


The third way of treating patients and, obviously, the most important is to help the body regain its balance and self-regulatory ability.  When the body and mind are aided to come into homeostatic balance and immune competence, then the body will heal itself. A re-energized body knows how to heal; it just needs the appropriate energetic stimulus.  Today more than ever it is important that physicians keep up with the latest advances not only in medicine, but in all the other allied fields.  Medical knowledge is doubling every three years, only to be outpaced by computer technology which doubles every 18 months.  The physician who is able to digest and utilize these new advances will greatly improve his overall treatment of the patient.